Our BJJ, NO-GI, and JUDO programs are a progressive and reality-based style of self-defense. These programs have been specifically designed to help attendees learn realistic self-protection techniques.

Rape and Assault Prevention Training (RAPT)

The RAPT program is a self-defense program for women made up of easy to learn techniques that have practical applications for real-life situations.

The RAPT program objective is to develop and enhance the options of self-defense for women. You, as a participant, will be presented with various options to consider for use in a self-defense situation. The educational format also includes awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance strategies.

Our certified instructors will discuss and address issues or personal safety with participants, so as to equip you with valuable background information before physical techniques are even introduced. Through the Rape and Assault Prevention Training program, you will learn that no one decision is right for all women in all situations. Unlike other self-defense programs, we teach you practical defense techniques that require no special equipment or skill and techniques that will become instinctive with repletion.

Most importantly, the RAPT program gives women the opportunity to test their abilities on a real person during a simulated attack. What an empowering experience it is for women to learn that they do have viable options for physical defense if they choose to resist an attack. In a study of 150 sexually assaulted women reported to the police, it was found that women who are forceful about resisting a rapist are less likely to be raped and/or injured than those who do not resist.

RAPT certified instructors will attempt to provide you with information, tactics, and considerations which the program believes may be useful for the various types of abductions perpetrated against women.

The RAPT self-defense program hopes to make legitimate contributions by taking action with women in communities both locally and nationwide.

Note: RAPT – Rape and Assault Prevention Training program cannot anticipate all situations and/or conditions under which this information may be used, nor does RAPT know the specific skills, experiences, abilities, or limitations our attendants possess individually

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Corporate Assault Prevention Training (CAPT)

Self Defense Training will improve your Corporation’s “Bottom Line”.

The ultimate goal of any corporation is to increase their profit or “bottom line”. A new trend among savvy employers in “in house” self-defense workshops, which will not only increase profits but will also reduce cost. Below are ways that self-defense training can benefit you corporation.

Benefits of In-House Self Defense Training:

Attract and Keep Quality Employees

Smart employees know that a corporation that takes steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees is a company they want to belong to. Self Defense workshops teach important life-saving skills and are quickly becoming regular parts of corporate wellness programs. Self-defense training will increase the safety of employees and reduce stress, which in turn will decrease illness, and increase productivity.

Prevent Violence in the Workplace

One violent act in the workplace can have a domino effect and has the potential for outrageous cost repercussions. Violence is on the rise in the workplace and every company is at risk. Take preventative action now to save time and money in the future.

Increase Employee Confidence

Employees will not only learn how to protect themselves but will also learn how to deal with problems without using violence. This will increase their problem solving abilities and creative thinking skills.

Build Teamwork and Work Ethics

SDBJJ training will give employees skills to work together and help each other. An employee will learn how to protect themselves as well as those around them, creating a more caring workforce and less violence among employees. Self-discipline is a high priority in self-defense training. Employees who become more self-disciplined will also gain a stronger work ethic.

The Bottom Line is Your Company Can’t Afford NOT to Train with SDBJJ!

Please contact us to coordinate an event at your location. We can design a curriculum specifically for your personal or professional needs. Because of the programs built-in universals, SDBJJ and CAPT can accommodate for basic, intermediate and advanced self-defense and personal protection training in any environment.

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Child Harassment, Assault and Mistreatment Prevention (CHAMP)

The CHAMP program, founded by Paulo Augusto, was designed to reduce and ideally prevent bully/victim occurrence among students in the elementary and middle schools. We start teaching children in the CHAMP program at the ages of 3 and up.

What is Bullying?

Bullying generally begins with name-calling and is followed by threats, spreading of rumors, exclusion, physical interaction, manipulation and damage to possessions. It is often associated with the largest and meanest child beating up the smaller and weaker “outsider child. That is not always the case. Bullies come in all sizes and genders and prey on the “easy” target, typically children who can not defend themselves.

“That could never happen to my child”

Parents assure themselves that they would know if something were wrong with their child. Most victims do not readily share the fact that they are being bullied due to shame, humiliation or fear of retaliation. Therefore many parents never know what happens to their child when they are away from home. Currently one out of every four children from elementary age to high school is a victim of bullying.

The Consequences of Bullying

A child that is bullied lives with fear and embarrassment and it eventually affects every aspect of their life. Victims suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically. An estimated 160,000 children miss school every day out of fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Compared to their peers, kids who are victims of bullying are five times more likely to become depressed. Bullied boys are four times to become suicidal. The problem is not limited to boys; bullied girls are eight times more likely to become suicidal.

Benefits of CHAMP

With school-based violence increasing at an alarming rate, CHAMP can be an effective solution. Paulo Augusto’s program equips students with the skills to identify current behavior patterns that make them vulnerable to bullies and discover new strategies, to communicate assertively, to recognize when they need support from others, and to define ways to get the needed support. Students will gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and social skills as a result of the CHAMP program.

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